Danica On “I Have Some Notes”

This week, Danica is taking on Venom (and not the whole show) with the guys over at I Have Some Notes!

I might be a little bias, but she was awesome on it, and the podcast (and the movie) are a lot of fun… and you can listen to it below!

From the episode’s description: “Venom is good…actually? Sure there’s a serious lack of Spider-man, and there’s at least 40-minutes of pointless globetrotting, but overall we have to admit this film is pretty fun.

“Of course, that doesn’t mean we didn’t find plenty to tweak. I mean, the titular symbiote has some real motivation problems, and Riz Ahmed needs a better relationship with his new genocidal alien buddy Riot. No amount of fun can stand in the way of our movie meddling, and we do it all with fan favourite guest, Danica LeBlanc!”

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