Gonna try and write more.

Gonna try and see if I can make it past a week after saying “gonna try and write more”.

Gonna use the excuse of posting our shops very regular streaming feeds as an excuse will help. Let’s see, shall we?

Just a little over a year ago, Danica and I started streaming a weekly show where we talk about new comic book releases. Over the past year, we formalized it, and then decided to try and make it better while adding a few different streams along the week.

Our goal is to get a concrete schedule and presentation format locked in by the time the store lands in a new space this summer. Currently, that takes the form of 4 live streams a week, of various lengths.

On Tuesdays, it’s our classic show – the one built around showing everyone all the cool and interesting comics that are out on any given week. We start that sumbitch up at 8:10pm, and usually end up going for an hour. It’s a fun time, with quite a few folks showing up and hanging out in the comment section.

Anyhow, up above is this week’s New Comics + Graphic Novels version of what we’re currently calling “Your Local Comic Shopw”. Check it out, and maybe stop by the live stream one week!