MonthNovember 2019

For the kids

So I keep meaning to talk about this.

When I was younger, my parent was obsessed with making me read “real” books. I was a voracious reader, burning through whatever I could find by R.L. Stine and K.A. Applegate – but she was firm in her belief that these books didn’t count as proper reading.

To my mom’s credit, this was all an attempt to get me reading outside of my comfort zone. She was particularly interested in getting me reading bits about history… including this children’s book about The Donner Party.

Honestly, I thought I had made this book up, but roughly a year or two ago, I came across it within a batch of my old books. It’s… what you expect. A fairly sanitized account of events that heavily imply cannibalism… if you know the story.

Anyhow. My mom was big into true crime books around this time, so maybe she was sharing her interests with me? Who’s to say.

The Three Count // PWA’s Battle in the Dome

Folks might not know that Variant Edition sells tickets for a local wrestling promotion called PWA – Prairie Wrestling Alliance.

PWA is an organization that functions a lot like we do as a comic store. Both comics and professional wrestling are not known as open, progressive industries. I believe that both of us are trying to change that through diligence and hard work.

To that end, I’m very happy to share with you an event the PWA recently ran at the friggen’ Saddledome as part of a Bret “The Hitman” Hart tribute night. The event was done in partnership with the Calgary Hitmen hockey team to raise money for prostate cancer. I was supposed to be at the event, and even made my way down to Calgary for the weekend to watch the show – only to be felled by some kind of 24 hour stomach flu.

Thankfully, the Hitmen have uploaded the complete PWA portion of the night up to their website. If you want to check out some great local wrestling, hit the link below. You will not be disappointed.

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